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We help
business owners
secure financing

Let's approach this differently. 

Commercial lending plays an integral role in the operations of many businesses, especially those with ambitious growth plans. Properly structured financing at competitive rates can be an incredibly effective tool for businesses seeking to acquire, expand, or achieve operational efficiencies. Conversely, poorly structured or uncompetitive commercial financing can be a distraction, have a negative impact on operations, or worse.

As important as properly structured commercial financing is, it is challenging for most business owners to distinguish. Commercial lending in Canada is an inefficient marketplace, for several reasons. However, with the right approach, a well run business can achieve a financing structure that is tailored to its specific needs with rates that are confirmed to be market-competitive. 


That's where we come in. 

Our approach

We help our clients get commercial financing from banks and other lenders. We know how banks think, but we don't think like one: we advocate for what is best for your business.


We have one mission, and that mission is simple: help our clients find the best commercial financing, period. 


Here's how we do that:

Meeting Room

Working capital


We don't ask lenders what they can offer. We figure out what your business needs, then we ask for that.


We take the time to get to know your business, your team and the industry you operate in. Once we have a deep understanding of your business and its financial performance, we will work with you to determine your ideal commercial lending structure.

After creating a tailored information package, we confidentially approach several lenders that will be a potential fit, and request that specific structure. We then field and negotiate offers based on what we know is market-competitive.  

Finally, we help evaluate the best possible option for moving forward. Commercial lending agreements can be complex, but you can rely on our extensive hands-on expertise to help guide your decision process.

Meet with
management team

Understand your
business and industry

Deep dive on

Determine financing 

Create and circulate 
request package

Negotiate and secure
financing at best terms

Business Plan

Commercial real estate
Asset based lending
Trade finance
Management buyouts
Partner buyouts

Equipment financing


In order to find the best possible financing for our clients, we maintain a comprehensive suite of commercial lending options. We can't do our job without great lending partners, and different lenders are great at different things. One size does not fit all. As a result, we have fostered direct relationships with over 100 diverse lenders across the country, including:

  • Chartered banks (the "big five", and more)

  • Non-bank corporate credit providers 

  • Credit unions 

  • Commercial mortgage investment companies ("MICs")

  • Life insurance companies ("Lifecos")

  • Individual private lenders

Organic growth
Revolving debt
Cash flow financing
Letters of credit


Put our experience to work for you. Lakepoint's co-founders bring a combined two decades of lending, banking, commercial law, accounting, finance, and real-life acquisition experience to the table. 

Brian Stephenson is an accomplished and versatile professional with an impressive legal background. Previously a Partner at Pushor Mitchell LLP, Brian helped his clients tackle complex legal issues and closed hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial financing. By fostering strong relationships with lenders and borrowers, Brian played an integral role in the growth and prosperity of numerous businesses.

As co-founder of Lakepoint, Brian utilizes his experience to guide clients through the legal and financial aspects of their transactions.

Cooper Harrison is a designated CPA who holds several years of experience as a commercial
lender for a "big five" Canadian bank. Prior to being a commercial lender, he obtained his Chartered Accountant designation from a national accounting firm. Most recently before co-founding Lakepoint, he helped acquire numerous operating businesses while working in a leadership position for a $100M+ TSXV publicly traded company. He was also instrumental in seeking out, structuring and negotiating the corporation's acquisition financing facilities.


Throughout his career, Cooper has demonstrated a commitment to his clients and a keen ability to navigate complex financial landscapes.

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